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Bathroom Kitchen Plumbers Carpenters Silicone Sealant Applicator Tool Kit + Case

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Bathroom Kitchen Plumbers Carpenters Silicone Grout Sealant Applicator Tool Kit + Case

Brand New

Professional 4 Part Sealant Applicator Tool Kit Often imitated!

Made by Bond It, a UK silicone manufacturing company. Never compromise on quality!

Kit contains 4x Flexible Plastic Silicone Finishing Tools designed to shape and smooth silicone sealant, grout and caulk along any joint or corner, giving a perfect finish every time. These professional tools make it possible to model or perfectly finish elastic joint filling materials such as caulk and silicone, ideal for trade professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

  • Use to give all your sealant jobs the professional finish
  • 15 Profiles: any edge, any corner, any joint from 0-28mm
  • Simple to use, works with all sealants
  • Perfect finish every time

Made of Flexible Plastic ( rigid but with some flexibility ) Not to be confused with similar tools on the market, while they may look similar most are just cheap solid plastic, which creates drag when using, this Professional kit is made of Flexible Plastic which assists with the application of sealants, some flexibility is needed for the perfect finish.

Still using the ‘old wet finger’ trick to get a nice and neat silicone finish?

While it may work well (we always did that ourselves), it’s neither good for you nor your finger and actually doesn’t look very professional at all and no matter how many times you wipe your hands on tissue, it doesn’t all come off, and even worse it can then be smeared on that new shower door or those shiny new taps you’ve just installed! We know we have been there!

Look no further and try the New Professional 4 Part Silicone Applicator Tool Kit by Bond It, quality guaranteed, there’s a profile for every situation, Connection joints, Expansion Joints, Narrow Areas such as bath edges/kitchen tile to work tops etc and many more and as for clean up, well by using these tools, there is hardly anything to clean up and the tools themselves wipe down easily on any edge or cloth/tissue.

Never compromise on quality!

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