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Black Cement Concrete Dye High Oxide Black Pigment Bricklayers DIY Trades Home

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Black Cement Concrete Dye High Oxide Black Pigment Bricklayers DIY Trades Home Improvement

Brand New

Black Liquid Cement Dye 1 Litre

A permanent liquid dye for colouring cements, mortars, renders and screeds without affecting setting times. Formulated for easy incorporation into a mix. The high quality non-fading, light-fast pigments are ready dispersed for uniform mixing. No loss in performance – when used as directed, see dosing and limitations. Suitable for use in conjunction with other admixtures, e.g. Bond It LIQUID MORTAR PLASTICISER, INTEGRAL WATERPROOFER, FROSTPROOFER AND HARDENER and SBR ADMIXTURE.

CE Approved: Conforms to EN12878.

High performing product made by Bond It, a UK manufacturer of various products aimed at the trade and home improvement market. Quality British Made Products.


Ensure surfaces are free from loose particles, oils and greases. Shake well before use. For optimum colour consistency the sand, cement and dye should be from the same batches. We recommend making a trial mix to ensure the colour is as required (including leaving to dry/set). Mix well, add the dye to the gauging water. Add to cement and sand and mix well until colour is dispersed. Once setting has begun any movement, e.g trowelling, will result in loss of colour uniformity.

Dosing Guide


  • Light shade of grey 35ml
  • Dark shade of grey 150ml
  • Black (maximum dose) 300ml



  • Not suitable as a stain. Only to be used with a cement mix.
  • Not suitable for structural concrete.
  • Not suitable for lime based mixes.
  • If a series of mixes is required for a large piece of work then variations in batches of sand, cement and the dye will results in some shade differences.
  • Inconsistency in mix ratios, finishing and curing environments can result in small shade variations.


  • Black 1 Litre

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Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 130 × 130 × 175 cm

Bond It

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