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Bond It Premium Grade LN7 LMN SILICONE 310ml


Builders & DIY home Improvement Silicone sealent. A low modulus neutral cure (LMN) builders silicone sealant.

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Bond It Premium Grade LN7 LMN SILICONE 310ml

Product Information

100% neutral cure, pure silicone sealant. Gives off no solvents or corrosive vapours whilst setting and cures quicker than most other silicones under all conditions when exposed to air. Compatible with all metals and plastics and contains no components that can degrade insulating glass seals.

CE Approved: Conforms to EN15651-1,2 F EXT-INT, G 25LM.


LN7 can be used in construction, engineering and electrical applications and as a high extensibility sealant for external and internal applications, including expansion joints. Suitable as a rubber adhesive for bonding most materials and as a potting compound to encapsulate electronic components to protect from moisture, tampering and shock. LN7 is effective as a gasket material and as a bedding compound for glazing double glazed units into timber frames. For use on glass, ceramics, all metals and sealed timber, concrete, mortar, plaster, most plastics, uPVC and polycarbonate and all painted surfaces.


Ensure all surfaces are clean, dry and free from grease, oil or any other contaminants that may hinder adhesion. On porous surfaces, priming may be necessary.

How To Use

  • Apply using a standard sealant gun with the nozzle cut at an angle of 45°, and to an opening slightly larger than the joint to be sealed.
  • Best tooling is achieved if a minute or two is allowed after application before smoothing.
  • Polyethylene foam backing rod pushed into construction joints before sealing gives a technically superior joint and minimises sealant consumption.
  • For gaskets and potting applications ensure that the sealant has some contact with the air as total encapsulation of the sealant will prevent curing.
  • Once the silicone has been applied and tooled rain will not have any adverse effects on the sealant.

Porous surfaces should be primed first. Do not use on surfaces where water can penetrate through porous materials to the bond interface without first carrying out remedial work. A polished decorative stone such as granite, etc may absorb silicone oil from the sealant and undergo a change in surface gloss. The safety backing on some mirrors is not
suitable for adhesive fixing with silicone. If using mirrors with a safety backing ALWAYS carry out an adhesion test.

LN7 is available in 4 colours, white, translucent, black and aluminium. 310ml cartridge.

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Aluminium, Black, Translucent, White




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