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Product Information

High-quality metal guns for use with gun grade polyurethane expanding foams and MegaStik PU Adhesive. Screws onto the canister for quick and easy application.

The 1M gun is designed for sealing roofs and mounting insulation and wall panels. Heavy-duty, metal, chrome plated. Barrel length 1M, nozzle width 2mm.


  • Heavy duty for professional use
  • Steel ball valve
  • Variable extrusion rate
  • TUV safety classification.
    1. Before operating the gun, ensure that the gasket nut (4) is firmly tightened, but not overtightened.
    2. The flow of foam is controlled with the trigger and delivery rate increased or decreased using the flow adjustment screw (7). If the adjustment screw is turned tight it will lock the trigger and there will be no flow. Do not loosen the adjustment screw by more than 3 turns.
    3. Shake the foam can vigorously prior to use.
    4. Hold the can upright (valve at the top) and attach the foam gun to the screw adaptor on the gun. Do not invert the can during this operation as this will cause the foam to leak from the valve.
    5. The gun is now ready for use. Use the gun with the can uppermost and as close to vertical as practicable, failure to do this may need to poor foam discharge and excessive propellant discharge.
    6. When changing the can shake the new can vigorously before attaching. Hold the can upright (valve at the top), unscrew old can and quickly replace with the fresh can.
    7. When you have finished using the foam (and within 30 minutes of the last use) unscrew the foam gun as before (can upright, the valve at the top) and attach a can of Bond It Gun Foam Solvent Cleaner (BDCF1).
    8. Hold the gun with the can uppermost and press the trigger to work the cleaner through the barrel to clean out any unused foam. Be thorough to ensure all the foam is cleaned out of the gun. Once cleaned remove the Can of foam cleaner.
    9. If the gasket nut (4) loosens, the foam will leak out of the gun around this nut. If this occurs and before the foam hardens, clean the gun thoroughly with Gun Foam Solvent Cleaner and then tighten the gasket nut. Do not overtighten the nut as this may damage to the gun.
    10. Hardened PU foam can only be removed mechanically with for example a knife or a wire brush. If the gun does become blocked with cured foam, it will need stripping, cleaning (mechanically – wire brush, knife) and rebuilding.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 400 × 400 × 210 cm

Bond It

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