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Bond It Resin Mortar ANCHOR BOND ADHESIVE Grey 380ml

Product Information

A 2-part system applied in one single action to produce a cost-effective, tough chemical resistant fixing. The ideal day to day applications including railings, steel structures, satellite dishes, fire surrounds, gates, sanitary fixings/towel holders, pipes and lamps. Use of Anchor Bond makes the fixing an integral part of the substrate as the load is spread throughout the entire fixing area as opposed to when plastic plugs or mechanical fixings are used especially in friable or cracked substrates.


Suitable for setting bolts, studs, wall ties, starter bars or large screws, etc. into a wide range of substrates. Compatible with brickwork, concrete, masonry, stone and aerated concrete blocks. Ideal for close-to-edge applications (unlike expansion anchors) as no stress is placed on the surrounding substrate. Full cure is obtained after 2 hours.

Specialist extruder available for 380ml cartridge (BDABG3). 310ml fits standard sealant applicator gun (BDCG300).

Spare nozzles are also available (sold in bags of 10).

Drill a hole to the correct diameter and depth, ideally using a rotary percussion machine. For optimum results, the wall sides should be thoroughly roughened. Clean hole and remove all dust and debris using a hand air pump or a stiff rotary brush, if required. All bars should be clean and free from oil or grease and all flaking rust should be removed. Threaded rods or studs should be chisel ended to prevent them from being unscrewed from the cured resin.

How To Use

  • Screw the mixing nozzle on to the cartridge (hand tighten).
  • Place the ANCHOR BOND cartridge into the dispensing gun.
  • Squeeze the hand trigger a few times until material passes through the mixing nozzle.
  • Allow the material to flow until an even colour is obtained (normally 5-6 inches).
  • Insert the nozzle into the base of the hole and extrude material, half filling the hole with resin.
  • Withdraw the nozzle then insert the fixing into the filled hole, slowly rotating to fully coat the surface.
  • After application release the pressure from the dispensing gun.
  • Remove the used mixing nozzle and wipe away excess material from the end of the cartridge.
  • Once the resin has cured the fixture can be attached to the fixing and fully tightened.
  • Do not over pressurise cartridge otherwise leakage may occur from rear pistons.

Dependant on temperature. As a guide @ 20C –
Gel Time: 5 minutes.
Full Cure: 2 hours.


Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 65 × 65 × 215 cm

Bond It

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