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Bond It TANKING MEMBRANE Black 15M X 1000mm


BITUBOND 100 TANKING MEMBRANE. A self-adhesive, cold applied, flexible waterproof membrane.

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Bond It TANKING MEMBRANE Black 15M X 1000mm

Bond It has been a manufacturer of high performance and high-quality building chemicals such as sealants, adhesives, grouts, cleaners, expanding foams, fillers, decorating sundries, landscaping products and many other similar products, for almost two decades.
Bond IT serves customers across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and North America and offer a comprehensive range of competitively priced products which cater for the widest range of needs.
Bond ITs focus on quality is such that they have long held ISO9001:2008 accreditation and also operate stringent quality control procedures that cover all aspects of their manufacturing operations and service delivery.
Bond IT aim to exceed expectations and their company strapline of ‘Never compromise on quality’ is more than marketing speak.

Product Information

A bitumen based flexible waterproofing membrane which is self-adhesive for easy application. One side is covered in bitumen and one side is covered in a high-density 2-ply, cross-laminated polythene film. The underside is protected by a release sheet which is removed prior to the bonding of the material. Designed for use in tanking ground structures, parking and plaza decks, subways and retaining walls.

  • Complies to EN13696 Type T.
  • Factory controlled 1.5mm thickness
  • High impact resistant carrier.
  • Easy application.
  • Traditional construction.

Remove the protective release sheet. Apply the membrane, bitumen side down, to the prepared surface. Press down firmly, working from the centre to the edges to expel air pockets. Membrane should be overlapped to ensure a good seal; overlap should be a minimum of 75mm at the edges and 100mm at roll ends and should be firmly rolled with a hand held pressure roller.

All surfaces should be smooth, clean and dry and free from projections, cavities and mortar deposits. On sloping or
vertical surfaces, or on dusty or porous surfaces we advise the surface be treated with a suitable bitumen primer. On
very porous surfaces, use two coats of primer.

BITUBOND 100 must be covered within 2-3 days of application. No part of the membrane should be permanently exposed. Support vertical work immediately after application. Prior to final covering check the membrane for any tears, holes, wrinkled seams, etc. Use patches of BITUBOND 100 to repair any damaged areas. If being used as a horizontal damp proofing membrane the membrane must be taken up the walls and linked to the damp-proof course. Double cover all internal and external corners, and construction joints in slabs by applying a strip of the membrane (min. 300mm wide) centred along the corner of the joint before applying the main membrane. Internal
angles require a 30-50mm mortar fillet placed and cured before applying the re-inforcing strips. Prime areas around pipes and drains to a width of 300mm before covering with a double layer of BITUBOND 100, ensuring any exposed edges are well bonded before finally applying a floor screed of approx 50mm thickness over the membrane.
Tanked surfaces should have the appropriate water stops cast into the reinforced concrete. Tanking should preferably be externally applied (the membrane on the wet side of the structure).

BITUBOND 100 TANKING MEMBRANE should not be applied when the surface temperature of the substrate falls
below 5C. When a brick skin is applied to the face of the vertical BITUBOND 100 care must be taken not to damage
the membrane and a gap of 12mm should be left which is filled with sand/cement mortar as work proceeds. Only
sufficient BITUBOND 100 should be laid which can be protected as work proceeds. When areas of BITUBOND
100 are left exposed for any length of time ensure that all edges are held in place by battens.

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