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TS55 WOOD ADHESIVE. A permanently flexible, one part, internal wood flooring adhesive.

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Product Information

“A permanently flexible, one part, ready to use, moisture cure, internal wood flooring adhesive. Free from silicone, solvent, isocyanates and water. Based on Hybrid Polymer Technology; the TS range reduces the risk of warping or deforming the wood flooring due to its moisture and solvent-free composition.

  • Solvent and moisture-free.
  • Permanently elastic.
  • Based on hybrid polymer technology.
  • Suitable for use with parquet, mosaic, oak, woodblock and laminated exotic timber and many other wood types.
  • Can be used with underfloor heating systems.
  • Reduces the risk of warping and deforming.
  • Quick cure and rapid bond strength.
  • Excellent gap-filling properties.
  • Acoustic properties.
  • Special nozzle to extrude triangular shaped bead in cartridge format.

For internal bonding of parquet, mosaic oak, woodblock, laminated, exotic timber and many other wood floor types to porous or non-porous substrates including; screeds, chipboard, plywood, concrete and anhydrite. Also compatible with substrates incorporating underfloor heating systems. Now available in 600ml sausage versions.”

All surfaces must clean, dry and free from, grease, polish, old adhesive remnants or any other contaminants that may hinder adhesion. Loose, friable or cracked areas should be repaired prior to application. The moisture content throughout the substrate should be checked by Hygrometer, ensuring that the moisture content does not exceed
that recommended by the wood flooring manufacturer for the particular substrate. In particular, Anhydrite levels would differ to those of concrete. The wood flooring should also be checked that the relative humidity figure falls within those recommended by the manufacturer. Note; underfloor heating systems should be turned off 48 hours
before and 48 hours after application.

How To Use

The application temperature should not be below +10C and not above +30C, materials should be acclimatised to this temperature in the intended application site prior to installation. Solid floors should have an existing DPM in place.
Cut the tipoff the sausage and place into a suitable cartridge. Cut the tip off the nozzle flat to leave an 8mm opening. Cut a “V” shaped profile down the nozzle to a depth of about 10mm. Fix nozzle and apply a triangular-shaped bead 8mm wide by 10mm high at 250mm centres at right angles to the length of the wood. Do not apply more adhesive than will be used within 20 minutes of application. To ensure maximum transfer of adhesive to the wood, lay into
the adhesive with a slight twisting motion and tap into place. TS556 will take at least 24 hours to cure assuming a
temperature of 23C at 50% RH. Cooler and/or less humid conditions will extend drying times. Wait until the adhesive has fully cured before sanding or finishing the flooring.

Uncured TS556 can be removed by white spirit. The cured adhesive must be removed mechanically.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 320 cm

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