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Door Window Frame Hammer In Nylon Wall Fixings 40mm 60mm 80mm 100mm

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Door Window Frame Hammer In Nylon Wall Fixings 40mm 60mm 80mm 100mm

Brand New 

Great for fixing window and door frames, or securing  battens on the wall. Various uses & methods of securing & fixing items firmly.

Just drill the hole 3mm longer than the plug, tap it home through the frame or door and nip up by hand until firm. 

Includes 2x Fixings.

Choose Diameter and Length on the drop down menu.

Diameters on the drop down are the plug sizes.

Screw sizes are 3mm longer and are a smaller diameter as below.

6mm x 40mm Plug + 3.8mm x 43mm Screw max 20kg

6mm x 60mm Plug + 3.8mm x 63mm Screw max 30kg

8mm x 60mm Plug + 4.8mm x 63mm Screw max 40kg

8mm x 80mm Plug + 4.8mm x 83mm Screw max 70kg

8mm x 100mm Plug + 4.8mm x 103mm Screw max 90kg

When choosing a size, allow sufficient length of plug to pass through the item being fixed to and any space/gap between frame and wall.

Although the max kg is stated above. For a good safety factor, it is critical to spread the load across multiple fixings. Never use 1 screw for the said weight.

If you have a very heavy item or need something concrete like, and don’t want it ever moving or coming out which can happen when the hole is over drilled and thus failing, see our shop for ‘Anchor Bond Adhesive’ which is a 2 part fast setting mastic/sealant type product in a tube, sets rock solid and you can bed the plug and screw in, or use stud bar with nuts and washers and the Anchor Bond.

We would always recommend over engineering than under engineering when it comes to safety.

‘Never comprise on quality’, is after all, the Bond It motto, which we do our best to maintain as an independent Bond It Shop.

That said we should also point out the product here is not Bond It made, nor endorsed, they are just good quality screws we happen to have in various sizes, have used some ourselves on projects along with the mentioned Bond It anchor Adhesive! We often add bits alongside Bond It products that we have tried ourselves or feel are great complimenting items.

See our shop for the Bond It products range, suitable for home & garden, the professional trade & DIY



Additional information

Weight 1 kg

100mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm


6mm, 8mm

Pack Size

Condition New
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