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Flashing Flash Tape Roof Repair Seal It 225mm X 3M Including Tin of Primer

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Flashing Flash Tape Roof Repair Seal It 225mm X 3M Including Tin of Primer

Professional Quality Product

A crease resistant lead coloured flashing tape for general repairs and sealing. It has a heavy duty aluminium/polyester laminate facing with a high grade bitumen backing. This gives the product tear resistance, thus aiding speed and ease of application.

Bond It FLASHING TAPE is designed for use as flashing on flat and pitched roofs, on parapets and chimney stacks. It is also exceptional for sealing around RSJ’s, flues, concrete columns, rooflights, guttering and extractor vents. The strength of the facing gives resistance to puncturing and the bitumen gives flexibility and adhesion but without the problems of slump.

  • Replacement & repair of flashings.
  • Repair & sealing of down pipes.
  • Sealing glazing & roof lights.
  • Sealing parapets.
  • Waterproofing of coping & roof ridges.
  • General roof repairs.

On New Building: Bond It FLASHING TAPE can be used in the following application: as flashing on flat or pitched roofs of asbestos, concrete or aluminium, parapet flashing, sealing upstands through roofs. Sealing around RSJ’s, flues, concrete columns, rooflights and extractor vents. Sealing joints of pipes of different materials prior to casting in concrete. Vertical DPC for sealing cavity walls at door and window openings. Capping corrugated roof ridges prior to fixing ridge flashing. Protection of stool stanchions at contact with facing bricks. Damp-proof membrane to columns, protection of pipes and general insulation work. On

Repair Work: Repairing damaged lead flashing and lead roofing. Sealing mortar faults. Repair to damaged slates and tiles in awkward situations. Downpipe and joint repairs. Gutter and valley linings and joint repairs on asbestos, concrete or metal. Gutter closures to prevent storm overflow into buildings. Eaves closure. Drip tray into gutters. Glazing bars, rooflights and northlights. Cappings to asbestos roofing. Emergency repairs to windows. Sealing leaks in cars, trucks and vans, etc.


Bond It FLASHING TAPE comprises heavy-duty facing coated with a minimum 1.2mm thickness of pressure sensitive modified bitumen. The adhesive content is specially formulated for flexibility at low temperatures and resistance to flow at high temperatures and an immediate bond is obtained by applying firm hand pressure. The strength of the bond increases with time. The thickness of the self-adhesive bitumen ensures very close contact, even on comparatively rough surfaces, while the product’s durability provides long-lasting protection combined with an attractive appearance. Supplied in rolls for fast and clean application and conforms readily to awkward contours, providing excellent weather protection. It can be used for all flashing and roofing applications and general water sealing repairs on masonry, asbestos, timber, metal or glass. No special skills or tools are required.


All surfaces must be structurally smooth, clean, dry and dust-free. Any loose matter must be removed with a wire brush. Any moss or lichen should be removed using a fungicidal wash such as Bond It MOULD STOP (find it in our shop). Porous or rough surfaces should be primed with the included BITUMEN PRIMER and allowed to dry before applying FLASHING TAPE. In very cold weather Tape should be stored indoors in warm (18°C+) conditions overnight before use.


  1. Cut a section of FLASHING TAPE to the required length, remove the release paper and press down the adhesive bitumen to the previously prepared surface.
  2. Ensure full contact by smoothing down with a cloth, taking care to eliminate air bubbles.
  3. Roll down the edges with a wall paper roller or trowel to make a good edge seal. Take care to avoid damaging the FLASHING TAPE surface.
  4. Joined sections of FLASHING TAPE. should always be overlapped by a minimum of 25mm (one inch) and well rolled down

Note: in cold weather adhesion will be improved by storing the roll in a warm room for 12 hours or more before use, or by gently warming the backing strip during application. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES APPLY IN CONDITIONS BELOW 5 C. Not suitable for polycarbonate or acrylic glazing e.g. conservatory roofs.

Note: this information is for general guidance only, since site conditions and labour are beyond our control. It is recommended that users make their own tests to determine suitability.


  • 225mm X 3M

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 49 × 49 × 240 cm

Bond It

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