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Kitchen Bathroom Black Hygienic Steri Grout Floor Wall Tile Mould Resistant Professional Quality 3kg

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Kitchen Bathroom Black Hygienic Steri Grout Floor Wall Tile Mould Resistant Professional Quality 3kg

Brand New Professional Quality Steri Grout – Black

A specially formulated, polymer modified cement based floor and wall tile grout. Recommended for sanitary installations ie. kitchens, bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms. Containing a strong fungicide it will also inhibit black spot mould growth, enables the area to be more hygienic.

Conforms to EN 13888: CGW2.


STERI-GROUT powder should be added to clean water, Mix the powder with clean water (approx. 750ml: 3Kg bag) to a thick, creamy paste by either hand or slow speed mixing drill and paddle. When mixing by hand allow the mixed grout to stand for a few minutes then remix to ensure an even consistency. Do not mix more than can be used in a 30-60 minute period. Part-used grout should never be “freshened up” by adding more water, discard any grout once it appears to lose workability.

How To Use

  • Using a grouting tool, sponge or squeegee, work the mixed grout thoroughly into dry tile joints ensuring
    the joints are completely filled.
  • Remove excess grout from the face of tiles with a damp sponge or cloth.
  • Use a suitable tool to compact the grout into joints.
  • After initial hardening of the grout, clean the tile surface using a clean dampened sponge working diagonally across the grout lines.
  • Once the grout is set polish the tiles with a soft cloth.
  • Protect from damp for 24 hours after grouting.
  • Clean tools after use with warm water.
  • Mechanical means may be necessary when the product has set.

Drying Time
The final set will occur between 12-24 hours. Cement-based products will take longer to harden and set at lower temperatures and should not be used below 5C. Lightfoot traffic: after 12 hours; Full traffic: after 24-48 hours (dependant on site conditions).

STERI-GROUT is suitable for use in areas of limited movement/vibration so ideal for use over timber plyboards and heated sub-floors. Recommended for sanitary installations ie. kitchens, bathrooms, power showers, toilets and shower rooms. This grout has excellent adhesion characteristics to porcelain and fully vitrified tiles, has low permeability and reduced dirt pick up. Containing a strong fungicide it will also inhibit black spot mould growth. Can be used in interior and exterior locations.


Slight colour variation may occur between batches. Colour variation will occur under different mixing and/or site conditions. Any cement film should be removed as soon as possible with an acid based cleaner. Always pre-wet joints when using an acid based cleaner. When grouting textured and slip resistant tiles, ensure grout residue is throughly cleaned off before it has set. Please note: Certain tiles may suffer from discolouration or scratching when using grouts. We would recommend that a test application be carried out prior to grouting. Our grouts go through stringent checks to ensure quality and colour, however due to the use of raw materials we suggest a trial area to ensure colour is consistent and as expected.

This will vary depending on the tile size, joint depth and width. Approximately 1Kg of STERI-GROUT will grout 2m2 of 300 x 300mm tiles with a 5mm joint.

Available in 7 colours: Black, Grey, Ivory, Jasmine, Limestone, White and Silver Grey.

Includes 3KG Black

See our shop for other colours and standard non steri grout.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 290 cm

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