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One Coat Emergency Roof Repair Paint On Membrane DIY Waterproofer Breathes Fibre Reinforced Grey 5kg

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One Coat Emergency Roof Repair Paint On Membrane DIY Waterproofer Breathes Fibre Reinforced Grey 5kg

Brand New Trade Quality Product

A one component, UV stable, solvent ­based, multi­purpose roof coating membrane. Designed to prevent the ingress of water whilst allowing any trapped moisture to escape and evaporate naturally.

Manufactured with fibre reinforcement pre-­dispersed in the can for ease of application.


  • Excellent adhesion
  • Application in damp weather
  • Instant protection
  • Superb solar reflectivity
  • Reinforced membrane
  • One coat application
  • Seamless
  • Fully flexible
  • Unaffected by temperature
  • Economical


For renovation of all types of roof structure. Provides waterproof protection of: flat and pitched roofs, corrugated asbestos, roof lights, flashings, roofing felt, gutters, slate, asphalt, lead, glasshouses, metal and fibreglass. Will also bridge small gaps and cracks.


All surfaces must be structurally sound, clean, dry and free from surface contaminants such as grease, rust and dirt. Clean metals with a wire brush to remove contamination and to provide a key. If necessary, remove any organic growth i.e. moss or lichen, with a fungicidal wash. Make good all cracks, splits, small holes and flashings and ensure the area to be treated is free from standing water. SEALACRYL requires no primer on most surfaces and will tolerate damp surfaces although with any application for best results apply to a dry surface if possible. Carry out an adhesion test prior to application to determine if use of a primer is necessary.


Do not thin. Apply SEALACRYL using either a brush or roller. Treat all details first, in areas where excessive movement may occur additional reinforcement can be incorporated into the coating. SEALACRYL can be applied in one coat, but experience has shown that a two coat application ensures a greater uniformity of coating thickness.

Drying Time

Normally 24 hours dependant on ambient temperature and ventilation. Coverage Average coverage is approximately 1­2kg per square metre. Thick coatings may take up to a week to dry. The product may remain slightly soft for a period of time after application. This will not affect its waterproofing properties.


Not suitable for use on balconies and walkways. This product contains solvent and can attack certain materials, if in doubt please test before use.


  • 5KG Grey

One Coat Emergency Roof Repair Paint On Membrane Waterproofer Breathes Fibre Reinforced

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 178 × 178 × 232 cm

Bond It

Manufacturer Part Number







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