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Pallet Package Banding Strapping 1500 Meters Strap and 2000 Metal Clips 12mm x 25mm


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Pallet Package Banding Strapping 1500 Meters Strap and 2000 Metal Clips 12mm x 25mm

Brand New Kite Packaging Products, Bought In Error & Simply No Longer Required.

Ideal for securing boxes and pallets. Requires tool for clips.

These items are brand new, bought in error by us. (we use a smaller 10mm banding with smaller 10mm clips, no idea how we then bought 12mm …  noticed as soon as we pulled out a few meters to go around a 3ft square box!  So hardly any has been used bar 1 going around the one box. Only 12ft!

We have since bought the right width banding for our use, so these items are no longer required. We have not used any of the clips bar placing one on the band for demo/pictures, so it’s a full box and more or less full roll.


  • 1500 Meters Banding Strapping Roll (minus 12ft)
  • 2000 Metal Clips 12mm x 25mm

Please note: Requires a tool to seal/close the clips and tension the straps. We use plastic clips that are pulled hand tight, so please do not ask what tool, ‘Kite Packaging’ can help there as this is where these items came from. The size/seal sizes are fairly specific so please try not to make the same mistake as we did or like us, you may have to resell on…..

If you have the tool needed for the clips, and the band and clips are the right size for your needs, this is ready to go.

Dispatched via courier.


Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm

Bond It


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Condition New other
Notes Bought In Error & Simply No Longer Required. Few foot pulled through slit in box before noticing it was wrong size for us... So as new 1500 meters give or take a few foot. + 2000 metal clips!
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