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Professional Cotton Dust Sheet Laminated 12’x9′ Painting Decorating Home DIY Carpet Floor

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Professional Cotton Dust Sheet 12’x9′ Painting Decorating Home DIY Carpet Floor

Brand New Trade Quality Product

Product Overview;

Heavy duty laminated cotton twill dust sheet.

  • Professional Cotton Twill Dust Sheet
  • Extra Large Size of 12 foot x 9 foot
  • Heavy Duty Product
  • Laminated for ultimate protection
  • Protects from spills & splashes
  • As used by Tradesmen up and down the country on a daily basis
  • Cover and protect furniture fixtures/fittings, carpets, hard flooring
  • Absorbs paint scatter/flicks/splashes
  • Protects against dust, debris and paint flicks/splashes
  • Ideal for Professionals and DIY’ers alike

Product Specifications;

  • 12′ X 9′ Heavy Duty Laminated Cotton Twill Dust Sheet
  • 100% Cotton Twill with Laminated Plastic Underside
  • Ultimate Protection – Protect from spills, splashes and wear
  • Large Size – Ideal for covering all types of furniture & floors
  • Laminated underside for the ultimate protection.
  • Strong – Hard wearing cotton resists wear from tools, stepladders and feet
  • Re-Useable – Cost saving & value for money
  • Washable – Fresh as a daisy for each job

Dust sheets are great when you know their limits.
These Cotton Twill Dust sheets will absorb paint scatter and splashes spills, ie the small flicks that happen when painting, or a small kettle or scuttle knocked over.  However it may Not protect against a full spilt bucket of paint as it could run over the edges.

Don’t knock it over is the simple answer though this laminated dust sheet will help greatly versus a normal non laminated dust sheet. We would advise to not carry whole buckets of paint around when painting, use a small amount of paint in a small ‘paint kettle’ (a smaller bucket with not more than a good dribble of paint at a time.)

Dust sheets can slip/move on laminate flooring/polished tiles, it is wise to weight it down or use duck tape at the edges and take it easy/be careful.

Check out our shop for Non-Laminated Cotton Twill Dust Sheets, Plastic Dust sheets & Sticky Back Carpet Protector, ideal complimentary products as well as a large range of Professional & DIY Home & Garden Products.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 330 × 330 × 25 cm

Bond It

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