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Professional Non Slip Wall Tile Adhesive Premium Trade Home DIY Ceramic Tiles 15Kg

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A premium quality, D1T water-borne, ready mixed wall tile adhesive.

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Professional Non Slip Wall Tile Adhesive Premium Trade Home DIY Ceramic Tiles 15Kg

Brand New Trade Quality Product

A premium grade, off-white, water-borne, ready mixed adhesive paste for fixing wall tiles. Has superb grab and non-slip characteristics which provide the user with an easy to apply, general-purpose adhesive with spreading characteristics, which suit both the DIY and professional user.

CE Approved: Conforms to: EN12004 Type D1, Class 1T.


Suitable for fixing most types of ceramic wall tiles, including mosaics and vitrified tiles in internal locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and domestic shower areas (when used with a waterproof grout). It embodies unique ‘non-slip’ properties but allows for adjustment while fixing; in most cases, this eliminates the use of battens.

Note: This product is unsuitable for use in swimming pools or where prolonged wet conditions exist. It should also not be used with porcelain tiles. Do not use in areas subject to rising or penetrating damp. Not suitable for use with large format tiles.


The substrate must be clean, structurally sound and free from dust, oil, grease and loose flaking coatings. The
surface must also be sufficiently flat not to require an adhesive thickness of more than 3mm. Rough or uneven surfaces should be levelled with a suitable filler or plaster and allowed to dry prior to a 2-3mm application of PREMIUM CTA. Porous surfaces should always be primed prior to application. PVA is not recommended. Products such as Bond It PRIMER & FLEXIBLE ADMIXTURE should be used.

  • Plaster: plaster must be dry and have enough time to develop adequate strength to support the weight of the
    tiles (at least 4 weeks). Tiles must only be fixed to a finish coat. Old or decaying plaster must be replaced
    and dusty or friable plaster must be coated with a bonding agent prior to application. Gypsum finishing plaster should be at least 4-6 weeks old, thoroughly dry and wiped clean of dust, efflorescence and loose flaking material. Porous masonry surfaces must be primed with Bond It PRIMER & FLEXI ADMIX. Note: The maximum weight of tiles for fixing to plaster is 20kg per m2.
  • Cement Render: must be sound and dry and at least 2 weeks old before application.
  • Sheets and boards: All wood-based surfaces should be dry, sealed on all exposed faces and edges and primed using a suitable primer. Timber boarding should be waterproof rated, 15mm thick and be screw fixed at
    150mm centres to provide a stable background. All boards must be level, showing no edge protrusions and
    be fixed in place with a 0.5 to 1mm gap to avoid expansion stresses between the boards and around the wall perimeters.
  • Painted Surfaces: check the adhesion of the paint to the substrate, if loose the coating should be removed.
    Sound hard gloss paints are usually satisfactory but the surface should be scored to provide a key and reduce
    drying times. Emulsion paints, limewash or similar coatings must be removed.

How To Use

  • PREMIUM CTA should be applied using a notched trowel (5mm x 5mm @ 10-25mm centres) to give a ribbed bed on the wall surface, into which the tiles are firmly bedded with a twist and slide action to ensure full
  • Remove a tile occasionally to check on the standard of bedding being achieved.
  • When fixing studded tiles use a trowel with larger and/or more closely spaced notches or butter the tiles with
    adhesive before placing them on the combed bed.
  • The position of the tiles can be adjusted up to 10 minutes after initial fixing.
  • Do not trowel out an area of adhesive greater than can be tiled over within a 15 minute period (about 1m2).
  • The final adhesive bed depth should be in the range of 2-3mm and grout joints should be at least 2mm, unless self-spacing tiles are used.
  • Wipe any residue from tile face with a moist cloth and rake out excess adhesive from within the grout joints.
  • The spotting or blobbing method should not be employed to fix tiles.
  • For tiles larger than 250 x 300mm, a cement-based powder tile adhesive, such as Bond It CTA, should be used instead.
  • When using a cement-based tile adhesive directly on to plaster or plasterboard, it is necessary to use a suitable primer and sealer, such as Bond It PRIMER & FLEXIBLE ADMIXTURE or Bond It SBR ADMIXTURE.

Drying Time
Final set will occur after 24-72 hours in most situations. However, drying times will be extended on impervious
surfaces. PREMIUM CTA should not be applied onto walls affected by penetrating damp, or when room
temperature is below 5C.

Open Time
Open time of the exposed adhesive bed is approx. 15 minutes, dependant on conditions. Do not apply more adhesive than will be used during this period.

Grouting may proceed as soon as the tile bed is sufficiently firm, which depending on conditions can be from 24 after fixing on porous surfaces, such as plaster, or up to 3 days where tiles have been fixed to an impermeable surface, such as existing tiles or waterproof boards.

Depends on the surface texture and porosity, however, on a typical smooth plastered wall PREMIUM CTA will cover at a rate of approx. 2-3Kg/m2



  • 15kg

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 230 cm

Bond It

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Off White



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