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Radiator Boiler Central Heating System Inhibitor PC200 Inhibits Scale, Rust & Corrosion

Brand New Inhibitor with Easy Fill Application Nozzle, easy dose into radiator

Protect your expensive system from day one, or if you wish to restore or improve your current boiler & central heating system, then first give it a Clean & Flush with Chemflush PC400 (see our shop) then treat it with this product Inhibitor PC200 for long term protection.

  • Inhibitor PC200 Inhibits Scale & Corrosion
  • Easy Fill Application Nozzle
  • Ideal for filling via a radiator bleed valve or into another access point
  • Suitable for use in all types of Indirect Systems Including Aluminium Based
  • Helps to maintain and improve system efficiency and conserve fuel
  • Treats a typical sized central heating system
  • Approved to the Build Cert performance standard
  • Made In The UK by Bond It + UK Manufacture backed product

With scale comes Corrosion and then comes Rust, by using an inhibitor you will benefit the system with Protection against scale and Corrosion which will lead to less Rust forming within the system and means it will last much longer than a non-treated system. Central Heating systems and boilers Corrode and breakdown from the inside out. This can take many years before failure, but performance, flow and heat output can diminish as the months (even after 1 year old, a boiler and radiators will be lacking in performance, a boiler service will up the efficiency often lost over the year, however the radiators and system are often overlooked, metal radiators corrode from day one if no inhibitors are used and if not renewed, the system will start corroding inside. A check of the contents of the system by draining down a downstairs radiator will confirm if the system is full of clear water (within 20 to 30% TDS of the house mains water is a good guide), or if the water is black with soot like deposits then a flush is needed and then the inhibitor. With no action the years go and the system deteriorates, increasing higher fuel consumption and less efficiency.

This Inhibitor is must have Product for Protecting your central heating system and boiler.

Before use of this Inhibitor PC200 we recommend to use Chemflush PC400 as above for cleaning/flushing the system prior to using the Inhibitor PC200 (excluding new boilers and systems, see our shop for universal cleaner then the Inhibitor can be used straight away.)

Posted same working day.

Any questions just ask and we’ll do our best to help.

See our shop if you also require ChemflushPC400 or PC Universal Cleaner as well as Inhibitor in a larger bottle suitable for larger systems.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 75 × 75 × 220 cm

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