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Radiator Boiler Corrosion Inhibitor Protector Central Heating Rust Prevention

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Radiator Boiler Central Heating System Rust Corrosion Inhibitor PC100 Protector

Brand New

Protect your expensive system from day one, or if you wish to restore or improve your current boiler & central heating system, then first give it a Clean & Flush with Chemflush PC400 (see our shop) then treat it with this Inhibitor PC100 for long term protection.

  • Inhibitor PC100 Inhibits Scale & Corrosion
  • Suitable for use in all types of Indirect Systems Including Aluminium Based
  • Helps to maintain and improve system efficiency and conserve fuel
  • Treats a typical sized central heating system
  • Easy Application

With scale comes Corrosion and then comes Rust, by using an inhibitor you will benefit the system with Protection against scale and Corrosion which will lead to less Rust forming within the system and means it will last much longer than a non-treated system. Central Heating systems and boilers Corrode and breakdown from the inside out. This can take many years before failure, but performance, flow and heat output can diminish as the months and years go on not to mention higher fuel consumption.

A must have Product for Protecting your central heating system and boiler.

Before use of this Inhibitor PC100 we recommend to use Chemflush PC400 for cleaning/flushing the system prior to using the Inhibitor PC100 (excluding new boilers and systems, then it can be used straight away.)

Posted same working day.

Any questions just ask and we’ll do our best to help.

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