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Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Cold Weather Accelerator 1L for Liquid Membrane Roof Repair Renewal

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Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Cold Weather Accelerator 1L for Liquid Membrane Roof Repair Renewal

Brand New Professional Trade Quality Product

The Seal It One Coat System, allows you to install a Liquid Roofing Membrane with ease.

Seal It One Coat ‘Accelerator’

An accelerating additive that allows Seal It One coat Liquid Membrane to be applied and cure at temperatures below 5°C.


  • Accelerates cure process of Seal It Membrane
  • Easy to mix
  • No special applicators required
  • Helps membrane to cure even in very low temperatures to 5c+ to -20c
  • Part of the Seal It One Coat Liquid Membrane System by Bond It


An accelerating additive that allows Seal It Liquid Roofing Membrane to be applied and cure at temperatures below 5°C.


Prepare surfaces properly in line with the instructions for Seal It One Coat Liquid Membrane. Bitumen coatings must first be primed with Seal It Primer. A separate mixing bucket may be required for combining the Accelerator and Liquid Membrane to prevent overspill. Alternatively, a small amount of the Liquid Membrane can be removed from the tin before adding the Accelerator.


Mixing ratio is approximately 1L of Accelerator to 20L of Liquid Membrane. For 5L of Liquid Membrane add 250ml of Accelerator. Mix the two components thoroughly by hand using a paddle on a slow speed setting and ensure the Accelerator is evenly distributed throughout the whole tin. Take care not to mix too quickly and introduce too much air into the mixture as this could lead to pin­ holing in the final coating.

Drying Times

Product will help the membrane cure in 2 hours and achieve full hardness in 24 hours.

Cold Weather Applications

Seal It Accelerator must be used if you are applying Seal It Liquid Membrane below 5o C (41o F) to facilitate full cure at normal speed (average 1mm per 24hrs). If using Seal It Accelerator you must mix 1 tin at a time and use immediately otherwise the product will cure in the container.

Cleaning Of Tools

Clean tools using acetone, MEK or Bond It White Spirit or alike. Tools can be wiped clean with Bond It Multiwipes or Cleaned using tissue and Bond It Multiwipes Spray, see the shop. Cured material can only be removed mechanically.


Seal It Accelerator is an off white colour and may change the shade/colour slightly when used in conjunction with Seal It Liquid Membrane. Do not allow to freeze. Do not dilute. Read instructions for use of Seal It Liquid Membrane thoroughly before application.



  • 1 Litre Seal It Accelerator

See our shop to complete the Roofing job with the Seal It One Coat, the system includes the Seal It One Coat Accelerator (above), Seal It Liquid Membrane and Seal It Reinforcement Mat and Seal It Cracks & Edges.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 7 cm

Bond It


Manufacturer Part Number



Off White


Condition New
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