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Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Reinforcement Mat for Liquid Membrane Roof Repair Renewal

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Seal It One Coat Roof Seal Reinforcement Mat for Liquid Membrane Roof Repair Renewal

Brand New Professional Trade Quality Product

The Seal It One Coat System, allows you to install a Liquid Roofing Membrane with ease.

Seal It One Coat ‘Reinforcement Mat’

A heavy duty, spunbond polyester repair and strengthening material mat which is tear and puncture resistant. For use with Seal It Liquid Membrane system.


  • Heavy duty spunbond polyester
  • Tear and puncture resistant
  • Improves strength
  • Rapid repair for blisters, splits and tears in existing substrates prior to coating
  • Strengthens joints, gap inners, ridges anywhere extra strength is needed
  • Can be installed over existing or new roof/timber
  • Part of the Seal It One Coat Liquid Membrane System by Bond It


Use of the Seal It Reinforcement Mat with Seal It Liquid Membrane provides more than 50% strength improvement when product has cured. It can also be used to make good tears, rips and damage to substrates as a repair patch, prior to using Seal It Liquid Membrane.


Follow surface preparation instructions for Seal It Liquid Membrane. Seal It Reinforcement Mat can be applied straight off the roll or cut to size prior to use.


Apply a 1mm coat of Seal It Liquid Membrane. Press the reinforcement mat into it with light pressure whilst the coating is still wet (refer to separate instructions for use of Seal It Liquid Membrane).

A minimum overlap of 5cm is recommended between adjoining strips of Seal It Reinforcement Mat.

Use a small amount of Seal It Liquid Membrane to adhere the overlapping region. When the first coat has dried sufficiently to walk on (approximately 8 hours depending on conditions) apply a second layer of Seal It Liquid Membrane.

To fully cover the mat and bring total thickness to at least 2mm. When using as a patch repair over blisters, splits, etc. then the mat and coating must extend at least 5cm beyond the affected area.


Note: this information is for general guidance only, since site conditions and labour are beyond our control. It is recommended that users make their own tests to determine suitability.


  • White


  • 1M x 25M roll

See our shop to complete the Roofing job with the Seal It One Coat, the system includes the Seal It One Coat Accelerator, Seal It Liquid Membrane and Seal It Reinforcement Mat (above) and Seal It Cracks & Edges.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 7 × 7 cm

Bond It


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Condition New
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