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Super Glue Superglue Brush N Nozzle Home Office Work Repair Metal Ceramic Plastic PVC Rubber Leather 1x 12g


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Super Glue Superglue Brush N Nozzle Home Office Work Repair Metal Ceramic Plastic PVC Rubber Leather 1x 12g

Brand New Trade Quality Product 

1x Super Glue Bottle of 12g with a Built in Brush and Nozzle in the lid.

An all purpose, premium grade cyanoacrylate adhesive, that provides a high strength, rapid bond to almost any surface or materials.

  • Sets in 6-8 seconds!
  • Fast Curing
  • Non Drip
  • Thick and non sagging
  • Part of the Monster Glue Range by Bond It


Specially designed for bonding both porous and non-porous substrates like metal, wood, ceramics, rubber, porcelain, leather, cardboard, and much more. Also suitable for edge banding of PVC, wooden beading, acrylic sheet pasting, etc. The fine bristles help control the accurate spreading of adhesive, whilst the non clogging nozzle gives you the option of precise and easy dispensing.


Surfaces to be bonded should be clean, dry and free from dust and grease.


The bottle has a twin dispensing mechanism. Unscrew the top cap to use nozzle method or the bottom cap to use the brush. Dispense a drop through nozzle or spread using the brush on to one surface only. Apply enough adhesive to achieve a thin film after compression. Curing time can vary based on the amount of glue and type of substrate. Over applying adhesive can result in delayed or failure of bond. Press both surfaces together until bonded. Good overall contact is essential. An adequate bond develops in less than one minute, maximum bond strength will be achieved in 24 hours. Wipe off any excess adhesive from the top of the nozzle and replace the cap. Note: If left uncapped the glue may deteriorate by contamination from moisture in the air.


Because BRUSH ‘N’ NOZZLE condenses by polymerization, sometimes whitening (or frosting) will occur on the surface of the container when humidity levels are high. Not recommended for polyethylene, polypropylene EPDM rubber, silicone rubber, Teflon, etc. Not suitable for permanent bonding of glass.


Uncured material can be removed using acetone or nail varnish remover (protect any surrounding surfaces from potential spillages).


Tightly close between uses.

Note: this information is for general guidance only, since site conditions and labour are beyond our control. It is recommended that users make their own tests to determine suitability.


  • 1 x 12g Bottle

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 15 × 7 × 3 cm

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Condition New
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