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Waterproof Wood Timber Glue Monster 250ml D4 Adhesive Softwood Hardwood Trade DIY

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Waterproof Wood Timber Glue Monster 250ml D4 Adhesive Softwood Hardwood Trade DIY

Brand New Trade Quality Product

A ready to use, solvent ­free industrial grade PVA timber adhesive which is suitable for use in damp and humid conditions, inside and out, and gives a high strength, water, impact and temperature resistant bond that is usually stronger than the wood itself.


  • Excellent water resistance, suitable for water immersion.
  • Fast setting.
  • Short press time.
  • It is possible to process wood species like pine or spruce with pressing times of minimum 12 minutes.
  • Improved adhesion on difficult wood species (eg. oak, larch)
  • Low timber staining characteristics; no discolouration of the glue line due to the influence of process heat (eg HF­press).
  • Improved heat­ and water resistance when using high process temperatures (eg. 70°C).

Provides the user with a waterproof D4 grade wood adhesive with none of the safety issues associated with conventional isocyanate containing (polyurethane) D4 grades.

How To Use


This is a universal system and is applicable for furniture production, parquet flooring, window frames, window scantling, door manufacturing and solid wood bonding. As a general woodworking/ joinery adhesive. General assembly line work. Radio Frequency /HF cure systems, wood on wood laminating, and household DIY use.


Surfaces to be bonded must be clean, dry and free from dust, grease or contaminants that may hinder adhesion. Mis-machined parts may require longer setting times and could produce a weaker bond. Note: drying time is extended at low temperatures and high humidity.


Apply this adhesive thinly and evenly to one side or, if a high degree of water resistance is required, to both sides, using a spreading machine, glue roller, serrated trowel, glue brush and another suitable device. Do not over apply as this will slow down cure. Clamp surfaces together until adhesive dries. (off in <1 hour: full strength 8 hours)

Support until fully cured (8 hours at 20°C). Ensure product is fully dried before water exposure (approx.1 week).
When fitting dowels, the adhesive should be applied to the holes. Best results will be achieved when room, material and adhesive temperature is between 18 ­ 20oC.

Minimum pressing times

  • Assembly gluing: 8 ­ 15 min.
  • Short cycle press at +70°C: approx. 60 sec.
  • Boards and block gluing: 15 ­ 30 min.
  • Window scantlings, depending on type of wood:
  • Softwood (eg. spruce): from 15 min.
  • Hardwood (eg. oak, beech): approx. 2 hours.

▪ Ensure wood doesn’t contain excessive moisture (<10%)
▪ Not suitable for load bearing applications.
▪ Do not use at temperatures below 10°C.
▪ Clean excess adhesive off glue line after clamping
before adhesive dries with a damp cloth.
▪ Before staining any wood sand off any excess adhesive.
▪ Ensure sufficient clamping pressure, especially important with radio frequency bonding.
▪ Use on Laminates: Only suitable for bonding small porous laminate strips. Do not use on non­porous or large areas of laminate. Use CONTACT ADHESIVE.
▪ Because of the varied nature of wood components, e.g. area of growth, type of pre­treatment etc, unpredictable discolouration may occur on different types of wood such as cherry, beech and others. In certain oaks, iron and tannin can also give this effect. We recommend you test compatibility before carrying out large scale manufacture.


  • Surface bonding 70­150g/㎡ (1L will cover 6㎡ – ­14㎡ ).
  • Assembly bonding 150­180g/㎡ (1L will cover 6㎡ – ­7㎡ ).


  • 250ml

Also available in 125ml or 500ml sizes, see our shop

Additional information

Weight 0.250 kg
Dimensions 57 × 57 × 185 cm

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