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WEED STOP Barrier Membrane Blanket Border Plant Weed Prevention Fabric 25 Meter length x 2 Meter width

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WEED STOP Barrier Membrane Blanket Border Plant Weed Prevention Fabric 25 Meter length x 2 Meter width

Brand New Trade Quality Product

A premium grade, weed stopping membrane, stop weeds before they have the chance. The weed stop membrane restricts natural light penetration and helps prevent weed growth. Porous, breathable and a cost-effective weed control membrane. Keeps ground moist and protects from extreme temperatures. Reduces need for watering and lets water and nutrients permeate whilst suppressing weed growth. 5 year guarantee.

Ground should be well prepared, the better prepared the better the inhibition of growth.

  • Breathable Weed Control
  • Ideal for borders, flower beds and lining planters.
  • Durable 50 gsm
  • UV Stable
  • Non-woven
  • Superb Drainage Properties
  • 5 Year Guarantee (if used according to instructions)
  • Note: not suitable for use under driveways or gravel paths


Prepare the ground removing all weeds and rake the top soil to a smooth surface. Roll out the membrane and cut to size. Ensure a minimum of 75mm (3″) overlap in large areas where multiple strips are required. Secure the membrane and overlaps with ground pegs at regular intervals. When planting; cut a cross in the membrane and pin back in place. Cover with at least 50mm (2″) of bark, mulch of gravel. The fabric can be cut around existing trees, plants or hedges etc.


Weed Stop Membrane should not be used under patios, driveways or block paving.

Weed Stop should not be used under trafficked areas such as gravel paths or driveways; use Landscape Membrane.


  • Full roll of 25 M x 2 M
  • consists of 1 meter wide roll (2m actual width folded across to 1m width x 25m long)

Actual Use Pictures Info

The membrane weed blanket is actually 2m wide x 25m long, but it is folded down to 1 metre width for packaging purposes hence as seen, in our pictures we used it as it came off the roll and without un folding it, double layered so it was easier and for total black out for those pesky weeds. Topped up with 40mm of bark. No weeds are present!

It will still be ample if unfolded as 1 layer as intended by Bond It, but in our view, 1 layer is better with more bark or double up on membrane as we did for better longevity, black out and for sheer ease of use! We also have 1m x 15M in the shop.

Same Working Day Dispatch.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 1000 cm
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Bond It

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