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White Cement based Wall Tile Grout Professional Quality 3KG Water & Mould Resist

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White Cement based Wall Tile Grout Professional Quality 3KG Water & Mould Resistant

Brand New

Professional Quality Floor Grout – White

A white cement-based, polymer-modified narrow joint filling compound for tile joints up to 3mm wide around all types of ceramic wall tiles. Sets to a hard, durable, water-resistant finish, suitable for interior and exterior applications.

Conforms to: EN13888 Type CG Class 1.


Ideal for all types of ceramic tiled surfaces. This product is waterproof making it suitable for both internal and external applications, including kitchens, bathrooms and shower enclosures, swimming pools. In fully immersed locations, the inclusion of an acrylic latex additive in the grout mix can enhance water repellent properties. Quick and easy to apply, providing a smooth joint which is unaffected by water or weather. See Technical Data Sheet for mixing instructions.


Check that all the tiles are securely fixed and that the tile adhesive has thoroughly dried before applying any load or pressure to the tiled surface. Ensure all joints are raked clear of any excess adhesive residues to allow an even and consistent depth of grout to be applied in all areas.

WALL TILE GROUT powder should be added to water in a clean container and mixed to a smooth, creamy, lump-free consistency, preferably with a mechanical mixer. (Approximately 330ml of water to 1Kg of powder). Allow to stand for 5 minutes, re-mix briefly, and use within 4 hours. Part-used grout should never be “freshened up” by
adding more water, discard any grout once it appears to lose workability (normally after 3-4 hours). Tiling applied to wood-based surfaces, where slight movement is likely, should be grouted with WALL TILE GROUT mixed with an acrylic latex additive diluted 1:1 with water to improve flexural adhesion strength.

How To Use

  • Use a rubber squeegee to work the grout thoroughly and consistently into the tile joints, removing the excess as work proceeds across the tiled area.
  • Fine grout residues can be washed away with a lightly dampened cloth or sponge up to 2 hours after
    application, with a final clean finish being achieved using a dry cloth to polish the surface when the joints
    have dried and hardened by the next day.

Drying Time
The final set will occur between 12-24 hours.

Open Time
Open time of the exposed adhesive bed is approx. 20 minutes, dependant on conditions.

This will depend on the tile size, joint width and depth.

Includes 3KG

Powder based product. Requires Mixing with water. (Not ready mixed)

See our shop for other colours and Premier steri grout, which is ideal for minor movement.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 390 cm


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