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Return and Refund Policy

Any product can be returned within 30 days if unused for a full refund.

If after 30 days, or within 30 days and in the unlikely event you have any problem that you can’t rectify once you are using the product or are not happy with the outcome of a Bond It product, please note the following.

The buyer is responsible for any return costs for changes of mind, in the rare event of an item being faulty and us requiring it to be sent back to the manufacturer, we will cover the return shipping, unless we believe the fault to have been user error, in which case the buyer will bare the costs of return though we may offer to reimburse if the manufacturer finds any fault with the product.

Bond It Shop, ‘We’ the retailer will honour any product, assuming it is used in accordance with the instructions, we will honour it will do as it says on the package/product listing or we will offer a full refund.

In that event a refund is sought, we may ask you to detail the problem and we may then accept a return so the item can be inspected and checked at/by the manufacturer, at this point we will use our own experience to determine if there is a problem with the product and if it needs further verification.

We may seek the manufacturer ‘Bond It’s Opinion of the product if we disagree with your use of the product, we are entitled to have the manufacturers opinion if we can not agree ourselves the product is at fault.

We have vast experience of Bond It products and if we should suspect any issue, we will not hesitate in backing the customer, however also with experience comes knowledge of user error, some things do have a nack, and most often that is the case. We however invite any issues to be brought to our and the attention of Bond It, their details are on all products and they most welcome product users getting in touch and are only too happy to assist.

The above policy is in full compliance with UK law from our understanding, we honour changes of mind if the product is un-used, seal not broken and also if you feel the product is not as described or not fit for purpose, we may seek to disagree but that does not affect your rights and we simply ask some communication is seen with the manufacturer so any problems can be resolved and if resolved the manufacturer will instruct a refund or replacement which will then be honoured.

To initiate any return, or for help or advice with a product, simply reply to your order invoice or message us via

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